• ~~~~~ HOPE 4 PAIN TATTOOS ~~~~~ Updated: 3/2017

    Hope 4 Pain Tattoos will now be Guest Spotting at The Tattoo Social Club in East Hagatna, (671) 647-7246, next to Guam Auto Spot. Thanks! See you all soon!

  • ~~~~~ CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE! ~~~~~

    Check out my new website at www.shaunafujikawahope.com for more tattoos and art! Also LIKE and FOLLOW me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Visit the Link Tab above. Thanks!

  • ~~~~~~~ HELPING OUT ARTISTS ~~~~~~~ Updated: 7/2016

    Are you an Artist? Are you looking to advertise? Do you have a website? A Facebook Page? Twitter? Or any other social network you use to help share your artistic talent? As Artists, we try to help and support our fellow Artists!

    ~ You must be 18 years of age or older.
    ~ You must be an Artist! A tattooist, a painter, a photographer, an illustrator, or a musician, etc.
    ~ Your artistic talent must be yours and everything that goes with it.
    ~ You are responsible for your social network, so keep them updated.
    ~ Please give us an accurate address for your website/social network.
    ~ Payment of $50 USD per social network can be made through Paypal at hope4paintattoos@yahoo.com (This is NON REFUNDABLE)

    ~ You will be added to the Link tabs on both of our websites, shaunafujikawahope.com and hope4paintattoos.com
    ~ You will be featured on both websites for 6 months.
    ~ You will be shared with art enthusiasts around the world, so share to share. If you don't want something shared or copied, you must take measures to protect your work.
    ~ One Artist will be picked for 2017 to be featured with us for a year for FREE!
    ~ Final words you have the right to express yourself, that is why we call it ART, but please keep it friendly. We will not tolerate any harassment or bullying, any complaints and we will be forced to take your social links off our websites. NO REFUNDS.




    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you all for supporting me near and far in this years Pittsburgh Tattoo Works III Exhibit, held at The Sweetwater Center For The Arts in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. The exhibit was fun and inspiring! Thanks again!

    For more tattoos and art:

  • ~~~~~~ Hope 4 Pain Tattoos Studio on Guam ~~~~~ Updated: 3/2012

    I opened Hope 4 Pain Tattoos on the island of Guam in 2005. Through these years, the studio has accomplished many goals and even went above and beyond my expectations.

    It gives me great sorrow to be closing Hope 4 Pain Tattoos on Guam in March of 2012, due to the untimely passing of my Best Friend and Partner Sean. I would like to thank all of you for your support through out this hard time and also for the last 7 wonderful years here on the island.

    Hope 4 Pain Tattoos will be in Pennsylvania and will also be guest spotting soon, keep in contact with me through the News tab, Facebook pages and websites. Take care...

    Shauna Fujikawa Hope